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Are you a man who struggles to feel emotion, release emotion and safely communicate emotion?

these emotions could be anger, anxiety, stress, shame, grief and even excitement and joy

Are you a man who is feeling lost and confused about your life's purpose and souls mission?

You could be a man that has achieved a material abundance but still don't feel satisfied
You could be a man that is in a shitty 9-5 and are desiring are more purposeful life
You could be a man in a transition phase of life, looking to discover what is next

Are you a man who has trouble in creating thriving, safe and loving relationships?

A man who doesn't have emotional awareness tools, communication tools and feels unsatisfied with his life and work
will take it out on the people that are closest to them, hurting relationships, hurting the people they love the most.

shamanic therapist

A life mantra I embody is “I am the creator of my own reality”. Everything we choose from our internal dialogue and beliefs, how we feel our emotions, how we create clarity with communication, how a purposeful life can unlock the empowered, integrated, mature and sacred man within. If you understand this and desire to embody this man by releasing and feeling trapped emotion, learning communication tools to create clarity and safety in all relationships to evolve into the dream version of yourself. Then I may be the coach for you.

“Relationship’. I’m not talking about the relationship you have with your friends, your family or even your loving partner, if you have one. I am talking about the relationship with ‘YOURSELF’.

I help you build the relationship with YOU, your internal world because all other relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. 

The relationship with your physical body, what you eat, how you exercise, how you breathe, masturbation & sexuality, sleep 

The relationship with your mental body, what you think about, your internal dialogue, what you consume mentally, are you a slave to your mind or are you the master of your mind 

The relationship with the emotional body, how you regulate, process and release emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, grief, shame, jealousy. Do you respond or do you react?

The relationship with your spiritual body which has a lot of definitions but simply put for me, how connected are you to your life?

Building thriving and loving relationships is a life long journey and it all starts with YOU. 

I work with such presence, play and a warriors heart that give you tools and techniques cultivated over the last 7 years and yet I still have so much to learn and integrate so that I can be the best coach I can be. What makes my coaching unique is my shamanic energy healing foundation, my relaxed and relatable nature as a man and my indigenous cultural connection to my New Zealand Māori roots. This gives me the ability to feel and receive more information across many different layers of our existence. I also don’t believe in a one size fits all. I tailor each program according to what your needs are, right now. I listen with a full heart of a warrior and presence, ask questions and challenge you to step into the dream version of your self.  

What working with me includes is video calls, weekly assignments/exercises, powerful insights and reflections, practical tools, radical honesty and so much more. We will build the foundation of RELATIONSHIP, together! Its intimate, its playful, its deep. So I have to believe you are devoted to doing the work because only you have the power to build this relationship. I am simply showing you how to do it but you have to do the work for what it takes to build a powerful relationship 

To learn more about Cyrus 

if this all feels like a 'yes' for you

book your first session as a gift from me

No expectations, obligations, no sales techniques. I just simply desire to connect with you, to feel if I am the right coach for you and you are the right client for me
Trusting the 'value' that I offer and provide will be powerful

our programs

clarity of foundation


  • x3 90min live sessions every 2 weeks
  • Weekly Guided Meditations
  • Weekly check ins & accountability 
  • Weekly assignments & practises
  • Deep life changing insights, tools and daily rituals to enhance your life

bridge of change


  • x4 90min live sessions every 2 weeks 
  • 1x 60min distant energy work session 
  • + Everything that is included in Clarity Of Change

transforming in vision


  • x5 90min live sessions every 2 weeks 
  • 2x 60min distant energy work sessions
  • + Everything that is included in Clarity Of Change 
  • AND an all expenses paid to our “iAMi” 24hr deep mens immersion in Nicaragua. Not including flights or accomodation. For more information see the link below
book the first session now

then decide later about which program

All programs will be personally tailored to your needs. All programs are based upon the time and work it requires to create the strong and thriving relationship with yourself

what our sessions involve

  • Emotional Management Tools
  • Communication tools
  • Authentic Relating Techniques
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Talk Therapy
  • Energy Work & Shamanic Practises  
  • Masculine & Feminine Energy Awareness Exercises 
  • Self Soothing Tools
  • Guided Movement Practises  
  • Breath-Work
  • Trauma Therapy 
  • Mindfullness Hacks 
  • Spiritual Wisdom 
  • Primal Play
  • Inner Child work
  • Relationshop Intimacy Practises
  • Warrior Embodiment Exercises 
  • Sounding & Vocal Tools 
the dream version of you starts now

lets do 'the work'

You've come this far. So lean in, have faith and let's feel into how the first session will go. It's my gift to you.

what you will receive when working with me

  • How to regulate and release emotions such as stress, anger, anxiety
  • How to communicate your emotions, needs and boundaries with clarity and have safety for both yourself and others 
  • Multiple different meditation techniques for different purposes 
  • Breath-Work tools to help regulate big emotion instantly 
  • How to create a morning and night ritual for growth 
  • Active listening and reflecting tools so your partner feels heard 
  • Intimacy exercises for you and your partner 
  • Tools on how to understand and work with trauma
  • Clarity on living a purposeful life and souls mission 
  • How to relate to others authentically 
  • How to express yourself authentic self 
  • How to create a self love practise 
  • Energy work exercises to support your self and others 
  • Movement exercises to connect with your self deeper
  • Building a life vision speech 
  • Connecting to your inner warrior
  • How to be a mature, integrated, healthy and embodied masculine leader 
are you ready to 'invest' in yourself

I only work with men

Who are ready and devoted to creating a "lifestyle" change. This isn't for men who want a "quick fix"or think a 'couple months' is all I need. This is for men who are ready and devoted to do 'the work' day in and day out, building a lifestyle of doing 'the work', loving the process of transformation. So if you feel like a man who is ready to 'devote', do 'the work' and 'invest' your time and money. Then book your first session with me, as a gift, so you can feel the immediate value of doing 'the work'

Another gift for you

"Imagine Man' 8min guided meditation

This is an inspirational, uplifting and motivational guided meditation designed to create expansiveness within about your unlimited capabilities and potential.

As a gift to you, click below to download the full guided meditation

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