I AMens Immersion

This is for men who are ready to explore doing 'Men's Work"in a powerful weekend immersion
Doing "Men's Work' is an opportunity to challenge the current masks you may wear, that may no longer serve you anymore.
If you are a man who is struggling with how to manage big emotions, how to communicate safely with clarity, confused on purpose and direction in life but can't quite find the time to devote to a week long retreat.
Then this weekend immersion could be the spark to lighting the fire of the
importance of doing the work

IAMI gives you an idea on what our longer retreats will feel like. This weekend immersion is a stepping stone to The Who-Man Experience, a 4 day in depth transformational container, designed to create a strong long term foundation for your self.

Ed Paget

~Osteopath & Lifestyle Medicine Coach~

"This is a great way to connect with your essential self and release any blocks that you may have"

A deep dive into 'YOURSELF'

if this feels like you and you said yes

only 15 spots available per event

upcoming dates


27th - 29th MAy


27th - 29th May


  • Embody the PLAYFUL WARRIOR learning a shortened version of our HAKA – War Dance 
  • Connect and share in transparency circle with men 
  • Experience deep emotional release through breathwork, Rage Ceremony and haka 
  • A discovery of play & games 
  • Connect with clarity in life purpose through ‘Iki Gai” Meditation 
  • Build a sacred a fire 
  • Release toxins through sweat lodge – temazscal  
  • Connect to the feminine and magical kingdom with a flower bath 
  • Open our hearts and expand consciousness with an all night plant medicine ceremony 

key benefits

  • Having the opportunity to share big emotion in a structured mens transparency circle which allows your experience to be ‘seen’ & ‘heard’.
  • Learning practical tools you can implement in your daily life on how to support the emotion of ‘anger’ & ‘stress’
  • Learning tools on how to discover ‘souls purpose’ through an introductory exercise of Iki Gai
  • Experiencing a right of passage of an all night plant medicine ceremony in brotherhood


  • 1x Big Man Breakfast 
  • Specialised workshops
  • Cacao + Plant Medicine Ceremony
  • Access to the TamaTaane online community


  • Early Bird ~ $100 (2 weeks prior to start date)
  • General ~ $133
The first step, is just showing up

join us

only 15 spots available per event

an invitation into your 'SELF'
are you ready to take the leap

join us

only 15 spots available per event

to be seen, heard and held

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