“Connect To Your Inner Warrior”

-Frank Munoz

“You Will Not Regret It”

-Patrick McConnell 

“Being part of the regular Men’s Circle hosted by Cyrus at Momentum Residency has been a truly beautiful experience. Cyrus is a natural leader and space holder. He also comforrably invites aspects of both masculine and feminine. Cyrus knows when to steer conversations, energy and intention while understanding when to allow things to flow in a space that is safe and inviting for true transformation and transparency. I trust Cyrus to host and lead any container in all the realms of work that calls to him.” 

-John Early, Author and Momentum Collective Cofounder

“Having the opportunity to spend with with Garrett has fundamentally changed the way I perceive and interact with fellow humans in this wild world. While Garrett is a beautiful teacher and explains things with refined eloquence, he more importantly embodies authenticity and self-awareness in the way that he exists in the world. 

Garrett also has a wicked fucking hair game and his legendary eye contact put butterflies in the belly of everyone he passes by. 

Garrett made me realize the sexiest hand to hand flier in the world is tall as hell.” 

-Zachariah Cowan

“Garrett’s ability to ask questions, share perspective and hold presence within the circle deepened me, supported me to open up and lead me into my own vulnerability. Revealing in me unseen aspects of myself.

Garretts own willingness to show up and share openly set an example for me. As I followed it I was able to more through and clear deep pain and emotions that were stuck and stagnant for many years. Because of the safe container that was created I made real changes in my life and its direction. 

Garretts leadership in authentic relating and circling has been medicine for my egos suffering and soul. I am thankful for his willingness to stand in the fire, be raw and safely lead others deeply into their own truth. 

-Shaboomi Holtz