the who-man experience

TRANSFORM in 4 days from a MAN who is feeling STRESSED and CONFUSED about how to FEEL and COMMUNICATE your EMOTIONS into the PLAYFUL WARRIOR who LEADS a purposeful life of JEDI focus so that you can CREATE deeper INTIMACY in RELATIONSHIPS and be a man of HEARTFELT CONFIDENCE and INTEGRITY

28th - 31st march 2022

sit with warriors, The conversation is different

if this feels like you and you said yes

This is for men who want to connect with the 'Playful Warrior" within so that you can play and dance in the challenges and battles you may experience

connect with the playful warrior

If this is what you are calling in


  • Embody the PLAYFUL WARRIOR learning a war-dance – Haka 
  • Dream f**king BIG
  • Learn EMOTIONAL intelligence, awareness and release techniques 
  • Get clear on MISSION and design your LIFES PURPOSE & SOULS MISSION
  • Discover your unique zone of GENIUS and SUPERPOWERS
  • Speak to each other with RADICAL HONESTY
  • Learn jedi-level AWARENESS and COMMUNICATION skills
  • Receive focused attention from brothers in TRANSPARENCY CIRCLES
  • CONNECT deeper with your MASCULINE and FEMININE energy
  • Cultivate a personal MORNING and EVENING routine
  • Be held ACCOUNTABLE for 3 months afterwards


  • 3x nights accomodation on the magical infinity island of Ometepe
  • 2x Vegan super foods meals ~ We will be practising intermittent fasting
  • Specialised workshops
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Access to the TamaTaane online community
  • 1x coaching integration session of 1 hour post retreat 

key benefits

  • Having the opportunity to share big emotion in structured mens transparency circle which allows your experience to be ‘seen’ & ‘heard’.
  • Learning and integrating new ways on how to authentically relate with advanced communication tools, to clearly and safely communicate your feelings 
  • How to create a deeper intimacy in your intimate romantic relationships and with brothers 
  • Releasing suppressed and deep emotion in a safe container of brotherhood. Also learning tools on how to support and integrate these emotions 
  • A deeper knowing of ‘self’ through the understanding of our masculine & feminine qualities 
  • Exercises on how to release anger 
  • Creating a life vision speech 
  • Being apart of community of brothers
  • A deepening on how to feel 
pukana warrior

Day 1 - Arriving To My Self "KING"

Opening Ceremony. Grounding Meditation. Meet My Essence+Authentic Relating. Contact Movement. Breathwork Ceremony

Day 2 - My Battle, My Triumph 'WARRIOR'

Guided Warrior Meditation. Haka. Life Visions~Iki Gai. Men's Transparency Circle. Sacred Rage Ceremony

Day 3 - My Heart "Lover"

Guided Heart Movement Mediation. Haka. Life Vision+Souls Mission. Mens Transparency Circle. Cacao+Sacred Fire Offering Ceremony

Day 4 - My Essence 'Magician

Final Haka. Integration+Sharing Circle. Final Special Banquet. Closing Ceremony.


We are offering an added night of plant medicine ceremony for those that sign up, at an added cost. Details will be shared upon registration.


Which includes a single bunk bed in a dorm room of 6 + Meals + The Experience - 12 Dorm Beds


Which includes a private room + Meals + The Experience - 6 Private Rooms
*3 Private Rooms Left*

The Who-Man Experience offers a unique invitation for you to connect with your anger and aggression in a safe, grounded way, within a safe environment of brotherhood through the māori haka. The haka that we will learn & embody, invites themes that you may be experiencing or suppressing. These themes could be suppressed anger and big emotion, confusion around purpose, disconnection to self which therefore is disconnection to other, clarity on communication & expression, disconnection with your masculine, feminine and inner warrior.
This experience will give you very clear and powerful tools on how to bring expansive awareness & deep presence to all these themes. So that you can step into & embody the dream man you know you are and envision to be

lean into your discomfort zone, in brotherhood

if this you desire deeper connection amongst men


Cyrus Henry

Cyrus Henry is the founder of Tama Taane and is an indigenous Māori, from New Zealand, now residing in Nicaragua, Central Latin America.  

Cyrus has worked all his adult life in the world of entertainment, as a professional dancer, musician and actor.  He trained at UNITEC in New Zealand, studying contemporary dance, worked with New Zealand’s leading dance company Black Grace Dance Company, then relocated to Australia and studied at Brent St School Of Performing Arts in singing, dancing and acting. Cyrus has performed for Sydney’s Opera House, AUS X Factor, has featured on tv commercials such as Toyota and many more.

Straight after his performing arts studies, Cyrus wanted to explore a path in which he could build on the side of his performing arts career. Self development and mindset coaching being a big part of his journey, he knew he wanted to develop a body of work in helping people grow. He had a keen interest in natural healing modalities and spirituality which led him to studying a 2 year Diploma Of Energy Healing at The Awareness Institute in Sydney, Australia. During those 2 years of study he knew he wanted to work with sound, crystals, shamanism and intimately with men

Men’s work. Men’s circles. Men’s personal development. Sacred masculinity. Brotherhood. Men’s empowerment. Cyrus has developed a passion for working with men and realised this passion during his 2 years of study. He repeatedly asked himself “How would I like to show up and serve the world with this work, being unconditionally authentically me?”. The answer to that, was working closely with men, using a spiritual energetic approach and customs that he has learnt from his indigenous cultural upbringing.

Over the last 5 years Cyrus has been honing his skills in coaching & energy work, developing practises on how he will create a space that is unique and powerful to each and every man, to really inspire transformation. Cyrus has created an immersion that is absolutely unique, incorporating customs from his Māori culture such as “Haka”. This haka is called “Te Tangi Pakanga A Te Tangata” meaning “The War Cry Of Man”. Cyrus created this haka specifically for men as a tool for deep emotional release. The intention is to use this powerful expression and war chant as a vehicle to channel the aggression and big emotion that me be reside within. As we learn this haka, we navigate through themes to release deeper layers of our own story attached to these themes. These themes are topics men generally do not talk about such as our internal battles, growth, empowerment, emotions, crying, asking for help, brotherhood and our feminine qualities. Haka combined with spiritual and coaching tools will bring together men of all ages, cultures, sizes and sexuality to embody the heartfelt playful warrior.

“Integrated transformation and radical growth are my true passions. Creating powerful held containers that give permission to any individual who steps foot inside the discomfort to surrender, to be vulnerable, to feel and to build the dream you”

Ryan Albury


Ryan walks the Journey with a sword and a smile.

Slowly and steadily feeling the curiosity build since his early 20’s, Ryan has been studying the ways of humanity and spirituality for more than 15 years and has spent the last six heavily involved in Men’s work and mentoring others in the field of Masculine self-development and mastery.

As a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, breathwork facilitator and Self-Leadership Coach, Ryan has committed his head, heart, and hands to a life of service to the people, the planet, and the expansion and evolution of all of life and Consciousness itself.

He is also Co-founder of The Illuminating Man Collective, an organization emerging as leaders in the next generation of Men’s Work and community.

“It’s just what I Love. It’s just what I am”

For more information connect with Illuminating Man Collective below

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A conscious, sustainable, plant-based, eco-friendly and social responsible venture, Wanderlust Utopia is a retreat facility for the like-minded.


Franklin Muñoz

~Food Trauma Coach~

"I could connect to my inner warrior and this gave me the strength that I needed to keep going and pursue the dream of helping as many people as I can..."

Patrick McConnell


"I connected to warrior energy. This thing I didn't even know was missing in my life"

Ed Paget

~Osteopath & Lifestyle Medicine Coach~

"This is a great way to connect with your essential self and release any blocks that you may have"

This is about the 24hr experience we faciliate. For more info about this click the link the below

ready to rise up to the challenge

lets rise together

CONNECT WITH brotherhood

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